moulding manufacturing & assembly

Not just a plastic moulder, Hi-Technology Group offer an extensive portfolio of post-mould services. From sonic welding and printing to insert and over-moulding, post-op machining, electrical assemblies and coatings, the group provides true end-to-end manufacturing capabilities.

award-winning moulding manufacturing

By utilising our low-cost production facility in Slovakia, the Group offer customer’s significant economic advantage in labour intensive assembly work.

As the proud holder of manufacturing awards, Hi-Technology Group demonstrates engineering excellence in developing robust moulding and assembly solutions. A visit to any one of our facilities will provide you with the confidence that we have the resource and expertise to design, build and deliver complex manufacturing processes to high levels of specification and within budget.

Our in-house developed machine monitoring system known as EDIS provides the business with a real-time awareness of production in both our UK and Slovakian facilities. Tool changes and maintenance are clearly visualised on large screens throughout the factory, drawing attention to any critical issues in production and allowing for immediate responses.