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Working safely during COVID-19

As a result of COVID-19, at Hi-Technology Group Ltd we are continuously updating our site operating procedures in order to comply with the latest government updates and ensure that we are working safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have carried out and have made available to all employees a COVID-19  risk assessment which we review weekly in line with the latest advice and update our risk assessment when advice changes.

In addition, we have implemented a number of measures to ensure that the government’s instructions are strictly adhered to. Specifically, the following measures have been put in place.

  • Stopped all non-essential visitors.
  • Stopped all visits to customers except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Disabled the fingerprint scanners and have moved to manual clocking.
  • Our shifts allow staggered start and finish times to reduce congestion and contact.
  • Require all workers to wash or clean their hands before entering or leaving the site with washing stations in place outside of both UK sites.
  • Reinforced the requirement to wash hands before and after using the facilities and placed reminders around the sites covering the need for good hygiene practices.
  • Re-arranged our work areas (including assembly and office area) to allow space (two metres) between employees to aid social distancing compliance.
  • Restricted the number of people using toilet facilities at any one time so that social distancing measures are maintained.
  • Dedicated eating areas to reduce food waste and contamination.
  • Staggered break times to reduce congestion and contact or ensure that they maintain 2 meters distance (including canteen, smoking areas etc.)
  • Reinforced that employees should sit 2 metres apart from each other whilst eating and avoid all contact and allowed breaks to be taken in vehicles.
  • Placed reminders that tables should be cleaned between each use are in place along with wipes.
  • Placed reminders that all rubbish should be put straight in the bin and not left for someone else to clear up.
  • All meetings are taking place remotely and face-to-face meetings have reduced numbers of attendees to allow social distancing measures to be in place (i.e. remain at least two meters apart). Hand sanitiser is in place in all meeting rooms and in reception.
  • Regularly cleaning of the inside of vehicle cabs and between use by different operators.
  • Employed additional cleaners to ensure that cleaning procedures at both sites are enhanced.
  • We are encouraging employees to travel to work alone using their own means of transport.
  • Only essential physical work that requires close contact between employees should be undertaken, with the appropriate wearing of facemasks and work requiring skin to skin contact must not be carried out.
  • Work that requires contact of less than 2 meters with another employee must only be carried out with all individuals involved wearing face masks.
  • We have acquired both disposable paper and re-usable/washable cotton face masks and issued these to all employees.
  • Personal Hand sanitisers have been issued to all staff and larger sanitisers placed around the work areas and in the offices.
  • Drivers should remain in their vehicles (if the load will allow it) and must wash or clean their hands before unloading goods and materials.
  • We have enabled all employees whose roles can be performed remotely to work from home.

A copy of our COVID-19 risk assessment can be made available upon request. For further information, please contact info@hitechltd.com.